A designer said that many homeowners are very individualistic and that being unique is exactly what they seek. In order to pursue uniqueness, designers must break through the original laws, be different and eye-catching. In nature, the “oasis in the desert” is a unique manifestation. The uniqueness is produced in the foil and exists in comparison with each other. In interior design, we especially respect the imagination with breakthroughs to create individuality and characteristics.

Tone Of Large painting Canvas is one of the important factors that make up the design of plastic arts. Different colors can cause people to feel different colors visually. For example, the warmth of red, orange, and yellow is very strong and is called a warm color system;blue and green has a cold, calm feeling, is called cold color system.In interior design, various types of shades can be selected. There are many shades. Generally, they can be summarized as “the same tone, similar tone, adjacent tone, and contrast tone”. They can be used flexibly according to the environment.

Simplicity is one of the techniques that is particularly worth advocating in interior design, and it is also a very popular trend in recent years. This requires that there are no gorgeous modifications and unnecessary attachments in the indoor environment. We must adhere to the principle of less and more refined, and reduce the interior decoration to a minimum, with the principle that “less is more, and simplicity is rich”.

In general, designers ignore the use of continuous design methods. Specifically, the appearance of the object, can be regularly up or down, left or right, Contemporary Art For Sale continuous continuation.This kind of continuation technique is used in the space, so that the space can get a sense of expansion or guidance, and even deepen people’s impression of the key scenery in the environment.