The decorative style of the dark color system is that the low tone and heavy color will inevitably appear dull. In order to solve this problem, the embellishment of light and color in Large Painting Canvas And Rooms  is indispensable, so that it can add a little energy, and the quiet and elegant overall style can remain unchanged.

1. The design of the living room makes the entire space more coherent and open. The ceiling of the living room is designed with a scattered light source to make the light bright and soft. The dark walnut sofa back wall, coupled with a modern full of television sound, sets off the overall style of quiet and elegant. The exquisite accessories and decorative paintings are very vivid under the mapping of the lights.

2. The comfort of the bedroom, wallpaper color warm and soft, dark and light, give the unique features of space. Pure white bed ornaments, pure white wool carpets, beige curtains combined to give people unlimited reverie, flowing with the full flavor.

3. The restaurant can be divided into two parts: the main dining table area and the bar area. The walnut table is accompanied by several red dining chairs, which dilute the strong. The designer used a broken gauze curtain to block the hot sun outside the window.The looming sunlight passion overflowed and fled the boring life.

4. The bathroom and bedroom are transparent. This design not only increases the light in the bathroom, but also extends a lot of romantic feelings: the beige wallpaper is reflected in the light, giving a pleasant hue. The breath of cleanliness stays on the White sanitary Ware, the lively plants, and the circular bathtub, giving people a completely relaxed and comfortable feeling.