Your own Bed: Complete the Look With Large Painting Canvas
Whether you have a headboard or not, a piece of artwork will add color, drama and personality to your bedroom. It provides height to your mattress and balances the size of the entire look. If you feel like your bed could use a little extra pizzazz, look into the following photographs to observe how other designers have nailed the look. The stunning piece of art work may be just what you’re missing.

Even if you have a headboard, artwork will surely benefit the overall look of your space. This room has high ceilings, and the With Large Painting Canvas works to create equilibrium between ceiling and headboard.

An overall neutral bedroom is calm and soothing, but it never hurts to have a few daring pops of color. This particular bit of artwork over the bed offers the vibrancy the room craved, while also giving the bed a sense of place.

However, if you find a piece you love and the size is not quite right, it is possible to balance it. Against a white wall, the scale of this piece could have appeared too small above this bed. However, a coated color block slightly smaller than the bed’s thickness acts as a perfect frame, balancing the size.