From livable north European countries wind, to the American style that restore ancient ways, the style that the home installs is always in change constantly, but to some people, caught home installs a style, it is best choice .undoubtedly. Large painting canvas and  Contracted and peaceful design, let a home more atmospheric endurance see! A contracted home, in the instant that takes the door, can feel pure and fresh breath. Not so complex range and element, give a person a type of
along with sex do not split sweet sense. And the promotion with household style sex, also can let a home more amazing!
Home decoration is a very complicated thing. Face the style of heavy and complicated, let a person headache unceasingly. Therefore as opposed to wasting time and effort to choose more complex style, may as well try simple design, not  easy to make  mistakes but also very tonality!



When designing caught wind home, notice color and the collocation of furniture. Especially to small family model, contracted blowing wind is good choice. Area will be divided effectively, set up area is not large, also can have

comfortable life experience!
In order to contracted style, furniture is about to choose caught design. Smooth line, on collocation contracted tonal, let whole home stronger see a few. Because of line contracted, so might as well give a few creative modelling, bring

the moment a vivid result!
And to a contracted home, besides nice and comfortable feeling, useful is also very crucial. The particular furniture that chooses so, practical must not be short of. The choice of material above all, had better give priority to with
solid wooden,

more hard durable!
With regard to instance the table in dining-room, the bed in the bed room, can choose real wood to pledge. Tough quality of the material, plus gentle touch, greatly improve the bearing of the furniture. And natural strong wood materials,
more environmentally assured!


On the functionality, contracted furniture can a few more originality. With regard to example the design of classic retractile, when choosing furniture, ok and much more arbitrary a few. According to the size of the space area,
programmed stretch furniture, in the

time that selects more not easy mistake!
First of all, you can choose the decorative painting with great tonality. Whether it is simple lines or maybe the superposition of abstract visuals, it is very creative. Can join the color that a few vivid color fastens, reduce the
feeling of

metope boring and uninteresting, draw the finishing point effectively!
Whenever choosing adornment picture, can in line with the size of metope, the design that selects many. Also can add clock or is the factor that stereo walls ACTS the role of, such can build the feeling that gives strewn at random have

promote metope tonality! Besides adornment picture, if the area in the home is not big enough, can choose the design of wall to hang to buy content to wear, the place that elevates in the home effectively. The look of multilayer, can be

used to obtain the goods of the fragmentary in the home, bring more clean and relaxed effect!
Actually to contracted style, colorific collocation is very exquisite. As well simple design, people feel empty and boring; But if add too much colour, also can become somewhat heavy and complicated, affect the comfortable and relaxed
feeling of

entire home thereby! The essential tone colour of whole home, can give priority to with black white, very atmospheric bear to see. Then on the schedule of black and white, adopt advanced gray tone to bring on excessive. And these 3
varieties of

harmonious color are combined together, have colour administrative levels feeling very much!
Of course, if the colour is so simple, it is absolutely nothing to watch. So can be in details place, add a few bright color to secure, have the effect which makes the finishing point. The little decoration of tonality, or is a little

add on sex is very strong! Porch such area, can take the design of ground, join a few originality, Large painting canvas . Choose more fashionable tile, have rich color and beautiful feeling, match on irregular shape, sign up for together, present a more stereo