Soft – upholstered sofa – matters needing attention in the use of sofa
If be capacious and bright, daylighting is better large sitting room, so the bright color such as big flower, big red, big green, checkerboard that color is more beautiful is applicable very much, want to notice to match with other furniture tonal match only, style is unified good;

If the living room has skirt of wall or wall to have color, Great Big Canvas    so sofa is not quite suit to choose gorgeous color, choose plain coloured fabrics to be able to be some more refined;
Note 3: like to let a sitting room have classical atmosphere word, choose the monochrome sofa of deeper color or stripe sofa to suit most.

If sitting room metope is 4 white be born, choose brunet fabrics to be able to make indoor appear clean quiet quiet, easy and comfortable;
Notice 5: if door window is white color, elegant and easy, the cloth art sofa that flower is more heavy and complicated suits quite

Soft – upholstered sofa – the placement technique of sofa in soft decoration design
“L” type.
Choose double or 3 people sofa to make main body according to sitting room actual length,  choose a single person armrest sofa to match next with it, combination becomes “L”
form, match with small tea table among, make the sitting room appears full at the same time also made up rectangular sitting room width inadequacy.

Type a word.
To the rectangular sitting room with lesser area, sofa had better be presented along metope one word model arrange,Big Canvas Art before putting tea table, can save a space effectively so, increase mobile range.

The corner type.
Add a double person sofa to form the L form pattern that is close to at both sides equal most suit square sitting room, can break the custom feeling that square space brings so.

Surround type.
Take a piece of big sofa as main body, deserve to go up two single person armrest chair or the surround that armrest sofa puts a law, can form a kind of gather, surround the feeling that close, suit to love lively family quite.

Suitable for spacious living rooms with lots of activities.
Set up two lounges and then split the sofa into two talking Spaces that can communicate with each other and be relatively independent.

Strewn at random.
Can stagger an integral sofa is put in a position, form “S” form, have spirit move feeling and practical very much,large canvas art and the place that stagger can put side table just
right, it may be said that conception is novel.

The space that symmetrical put suits to be main function is decorated with talk, basically apply to the traditional sitting room that notices recreational, position administrative levels feeling is strong, suit more rigorous household to use