Oil painting is one of the most important kinds of Western Large Abstract Paintings. The history of painting with oil paints can be traced back to the Middle Ages. It was not until the 15th century that oil paints were widely used. After the middle of the 16th century, oil paints reached a fairly perfect level.
According to records, before oil painting was invented, a technique called “Danpella” was used to paint. Since this method could not meet the artistic performance and technical requirements of the painter, the painters began to explore constantly, seeking new performance materials and techniques. On the basis of previous studies, Flanders painter Van Eyck in the 15th century invented this method of painting with mixed paints which are easy to dry. Therefore, he is known as the founder of oil painting, but it is reasonable to say that Van Eyck developed the Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art form of oil painting more perfectly.

Large Abstract Canvas Painting

Custom Abstract Canvas Art is a kind of painting form in which linseed oil or walnut oil, poppy oil, some quick-drying oil, processed Marty resin or Dama resin, etc. are blended with various color powders to make oil painting pigments and media, which are painted on linen, wood or cardboard. Its characteristics are freedom of operation, wide range of variable effects, strong color covering power, can fully show the reality of the object and rich color effect. For more than 500 years, oil painting has been favored by artists and appreciated by the audience.

Appreciation of Oil Painting

When we appreciate an Black and White Abstract Art Sale, we mainly appreciate its ideological content and artistic skills. Any work depends on visual image to reflect certain ideological content. People carry out a spiritual activity through the appreciation of these images. This spiritual activity, on the one hand, is the image created by the work, which brings the viewer to an artistic realm reflected by the painter, arouses ideological and emotional resonance and produces aesthetic effect. On the other hand, the viewer also knows and enriches the connotation of the works according to his own life experience. From this point of view, the understanding of a work, different people understand the depth is different, it is related to the quality of the viewer. The ideological content conveyed by excellent works has played a role in cultivating people’s sentiments and improving people’s spiritual realm.

As for the appreciation of artistic skills, we should have a knowledge and understanding of oil painting language. Oil painting material itself is different from ink prints and watercolours. The beauty of this material is one of the characteristics of oil painting. Skillful works are embodied in the artist’s mastery of the characteristics of materials and skilled use of materials and tools to create images. The picture reflects the harmonious relationship between the whole and the part, enriching and uniting the opposition.