Great Big Canvas is a kind of Western painting art with strong expressive force and technical effect. Rich color changes, transparent, thick levels of contrast, endless changes in brush strokes and solid durability are popular painting art. Nowadays, Custom Abstract Paintings is widely used. It is not only the favorite of galleries, but also the decoration category, including family decoration painting, hotel decoration painting, and coffee shop decoration painting. How did it get so much favor? Next, let’s learn about the characteristics of oil painting.

Extra Large Black and White Abstract Canvas Art for Living Room
Extra Large Black and White Abstract Canvas Art for Living Room

1. Large Abstract Art Oil painting is the color modelling of oil pigments. Oil paints are viscous, strong in coverage and varied in color.

2. Big Abstract Painting has rich expressive force. Oil painting is suitable to create a “three-dimensional space” on the plane, showing the visual feeling of feeling the world.

3. Oil painting is a technology of light and color, which can not be matched in any painting in terms of expressing texture, airing and space. Oil painting uses color to express the object. It uses three attributes of color and color to express the color relationship of the object.

4. The techniques of oil painting are various, such as thick coating, thin sticking, dotting, rendering, etc. Some techniques are exquisite without brush strokes, and some techniques are rugged and colorful.

5. Oil painting has strong coverage. In order to pursue visual harmony, the method of its expression level is usually to start with dark color, then press the dark color with the middle color, then press the middle color with the light color, and finally press the light color with the brightest color, so the bright color of oil painting is often the heaviest.

6. Decoration: Up to modern times, oil painting is popular in the upper and middle class society, mainly used in interior decoration, the unique noble attributes of oil painting, as well as high-end visual effect, which determines the promotion of oil painting to decorative grade and unparalleled artistic effect.