Enjoying the giant Abstract Canvas Art。I was talking to my friends that day. My friends said they liked large abstract oil paintings and planned to collect a few. Oh, yes, I forgot to introduce them. My friend was a novice in the collection circle. He always thought he could get some “antiques” worth a few years from now. And he makes a fortune. Recently he didn’t know where to hear a word: abstract oil painting. He said it was a turning point in his collection of history. But I have only one memory of abstract paintings, Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci. Both of them belong to the Wizards. But even more impressive is Picasso’s “Guernica. ”

Colorful Abstract Painting, Large Abstract Art,Original Abstract Painting
Colorful Abstract Painting, Large Abstract Art,Original Abstract Painting

The Guernica is one of Picasso’s most famous paintings. It is also a giant oil painting. This kind of abstract oil painting series is one of Picasso’s few abstract paintings. After all, he is a realistic painter and it is not easy to have abstract paintings. Picasso was a masterpiece of great influence and historical significance in the 1930s. This painting combines cubism, realism and surrealism to express pain, suffering and animosity.
In Germany, then a Nazi in the Spanish Civil War, which was invited by Francisco Franco to carpet bomb the Spanish republic’s city of Guernica for the first time in human history. At that time, Picasso was commissioned by the government of the Spanish Republic to paint a decorative painting for the Spanish area of the Paris World’s Fair, giving birth to this great Cubist abstract oil painting. The work depicts the city of Guernica after being ravaged by a bomb, and it expresses Picasso’s battle against him.
In this giant abstract canvas:Trampled flowers, broken limbs, twisted callers, jagged lights and dying horses. Picasso used the broken black and white gray to emit endless gloom and terror with deformation, meaning and moral techniques to describe the human suffering of the expression of compassion. Large Modern Canvas Art are so plausible that on April 26, 1937, the historic Spanish city of Gernica was flattened by the Nazi German Air Force.

Flourish - Abstract Canvas Wall Art
Flourish – Abstract Canvas Wall Art

It was also because of three hours of bombing by German forces, which killed and injured many civilians. Make Gelnica flat. The German crime provoked international condemnation. Picasso was outraged and decided to use it as a mural to express his protest against war criminals and his condolences to those who died in the incident. The angry Picasso spent half a year creating a large abstract canvas, Gurnica.
As a charge of fascist atrocity. Seventy years later, this masterpiece has become one of the cultural symbols of war disaster, and the tragedy of the abstract canvas art is forever remembered.