A living room with an empty wall means a lot of opportunities! Finally, fill the walls (or several) with abstract canvas wall art, wall hangings, wallpaper, and other decorations to tie your appearance together. We have collected some inspiring looks and ideas, including Contemporary wall art from large to small living rooms. Check out our favorite wall decoration ideas and learn how to choose the perfect abstract artworks for your living room.

Hanging an abstract wall art for your blank walls, whether smaller or larger, will never be out of date. The type you get depends entirely on you, but we like great abstract work, a striking visual element. The greater the wall art, the greater the impact of the statement. Large items above the sofa will not go wrong. This classic look is suitable for any style and space. Large Abstract Wall Art look great and hangover sofas or porch tables. Just make sure you get the same size or smaller wall decoration as your sofa, console table, or other furniture you hang it over.

Large Abstract Canvas Art Paintings Hand-Painted Colorful Abstract Art For Living Room

If you want to try something different, another option with large (or small) artwork is leaning the canvas against a wall. A leaning piece of art is effortless and cool, especially when placed asymmetrically behind the sofa. Oversized Abstract Wall Art can lean on the floor or atop a shelf, layered with other pieces for extra depth and dimension. The leaning option is great for a living room that won’t feel too empty or wall space too bare.

The gallery wall consists of a cluster of works of art hanging on the wall. They vary in size and theme, but the advantage of gallery walls is that they show your personal legendary style. The walls or artwork combination of the gallery add a sense of hierarchy and exquisite appearance to your living space. You can use modern canvas art to achieve this appearance, or you can use different pieces you like to build your own appearance to tell a cohesive story.

If you want to go beyond the flat canvas, consider solid wall sculptures that make strong statements in any space. This is a good way to add textures and layers to the gallery wall or blank wall.

Of course, mirrors are fully functional and can be used for many purposes. Before we go out, they provide critical last minute checks, and they make small spaces look larger. But wall mirrors can also be doubled as works of art. Mirrors are just as good for mirrors as large artworks: If you hang one on a sofa, make sure it’s not longer than the sofa. When you decorate the living room, consider where the mirror can be hung – it can be placed above the key chair, near the wall of the hanging abstract canvas painting, or above the fireplace. In any case, it shines and enlarges the living room area. Try to sculpt mirrors instead of more traditional wall decoration or mixing with gallery walls.

There are many reasons why we like the trend of weaving wall hangings; instant Bohemian style, which offers relaxation, natural appearance, and ease of hanging. These non-invasive items can be left almost at home. If you want a more concise atmosphere, you can hang it on the sofa or in the corner of the living room.