In modern home decoration, more and more people pay attention to decorate the home environment with hanging extra large canvas to create a warm and comfortable home. However, many people may not know how to choose a suitable painting. Today we will share some abstract oil painting with different spaces.

1, porch painting
Although the entrance is small, it is the first place to see when entering the house. It can be described as a “facade.” This space is suitable for painting. First of all, it is appropriate to choose beautiful small paintings. Secondly, decorative paintings such as still life, flower arrangement or textured abstract acrylic painting can show elegant and noble temperament.

2, Abstract wall art for living room
The living room is the main family activities and gatherings. The living room requires stability and atmosphere to decorate the living room. When choosing paint, we mainly consider two aspects of living room decoration style and personal preference.

First of all, from the perspective of style, the modern minimalist decorative style can choose abstract landscape painting, characters or abstract paintings; Chinese decorative styles can choose ink paintings or calligraphy works; If it is European and American decorative style, you can choose oil painting and watercolor painting.

Secondly, according to personal preferences, people who like art can hang some art-themed paintings, such as dance, painting, and calligraphy; friends who like to travel hang some landscape paintings.

Third, the Restaurant is a dining place. The restaurant should create an atmosphere of pictures, enhance appetite and hospitality, and bring fresh and refreshing dining experience. Therefore, you can choose some fruit, vegetables, flower arrangement, still life, natural scenery, and other hanging pictures. If you have a bar, you can hang up some corresponding wine cups of a contemporary oil painting.

Fourth, The bedroom is a private space for personal life and is a great place to rest and sleep. The bedroom should create a warm, romantic, comfortable and quiet atmosphere with a warm color scheme. You can choose character paintings such as characters and floral design, or you can hang your own portraits or wedding photos to enhance your feelings.

Fifth, abstract art for kids
The children’s room is a small place for children to play in. The children are naive, lively, unrestrained and full of fantasies, demanding that the overall color of the children’s room reflects a bright, lively atmosphere. The paintings are mainly cartoons, animals and plants; the suspension can be flattened in different spaces and freely available.

The study requires a strong cultural atmosphere and a quiet atmosphere. These paintings should be elegant and simple, such as calligraphy, landscape, and landscape painting.

The corridor and stairway spaces are actually very important, Similar to this narrow space, you can choose a combination of the same theme. When the stairs are suspended, they can be staggered.