Painting is a delightful art form. It helps you to express your emotions, which is why abstract painting canvas art is good for your health. There are a variety of paintings and one of the popular is the abstract oil paintings. Here are tips for beginners to create beautiful paintings on canvas.

Now, you want to amaze your loved one with an unforgettable and beautiful picture of her/him. The problem is you don’t know how to get started? Here are some tips to consider.

The first thing to do is to start the painting with acrylic, as acrylic paint will dry quickly. When you use the oil as a coating, it will take some time for it to dry. An acrylic primer will speed up the work of the canvas.

Make sure you have good lighting – The importance of good lighting is that it brings out more color and reduces eye strain. It is recommended that you paint in a place where there is plenty of natural light, or if not purchase good indoor lighting.

It is also important to maintain good ventilation – this is very important, especially if you are using paint thinner and cleaners, as some of these chemicals are toxic and detrimental to your health, so be careful when using this product. Consider switching to water-soluble oil paints, which can be diluted with water and eliminate the need for other solvents.

(c) Ensure that the “fat and thin” rule is followed. This means that each layer of your huge oil painting should have a higher oil content than the one below. This will reduce the chances of paint cracking.

An object that advances is warmer and stronger than one that does not. Therefore, to create the illusion of distance in a painting, paint backward objects using cooler, less intense colors.

Sometimes, you can’t draw anything. You have the idea but can’t imagine. For the most part, these situations are called uninspired moments. So all you have to do is put down the brush, get some fresh air, walk for a while, or listen to music. Don’t be discouraged, everyone experiences more than just you. A walk and a breath of fresh air can relax you, while music can affect your mood and ease the heavy feelings.

Avoid holding the brush as if you were holding the pencil too close to the bristles. There is a reason why oil brushes get longer, so get better acquainted with it. This takes longer, so you can make further drawings on the canvas. Hold the middle or end of the brush and start practicing immediately.

Have a habit of a clean work environment. Keep your painting place neat and orderly. An organized environment makes for a better working place, so fine artwork is possible to be made.

A painter’s partner of every canvas is its brush so invest in a good set of paintbrushes. Hog hair brushes are recommended than cheaper brushes that easily shed their bristles. The nylon brush is suitable for acrylic painting.

Now, you can start creating your first oil painting. Enjoy!